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Péntek, 2022. Július 29.

VÍz szÍnpad

REO MATSUMOTO & KENTA HAYASHI is a brand new duo that combines their talents which are HandPan, Guitar, BeatBox and Electronic essence to take the audience for a deep beautiful psy journey! You can’t help moving your soul & body! Let’s Dance with us!
REO MATSUMOTO from MATSUMOTO ZOKU. MATSUMOTO ZOKU is known as the Dragon Nest family Artist. REO has started his own music project that combines HandPan, BeatBox, Percussion and Electronic machine.
444Hz Japanese Loop Pedal Ninja & his instruments got Tachyonized in Slovenia. He takes the term ‘one man band’to the next level, creating an orchestra of sound by layering vocals, guitar, effects and percussion.

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