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Boka Tummtukoté

vocal improvisations with african, brazilian and caribbean instruments

Sunday, August 16
Water Stage

Márk Szász represents a very special musical world under the name “Boka Tummtukoté”: his songs are born, evolve and dissolve in silence just like waves are born on a river or beach, taking shape and then spreading on the shore.

His songs are not pre-composed. His songs cannot be repeated or re-sung in the classical sense. His songs are magical for being improvised: they are born, evolved, waving in the here-and-now, so every moment of them is surprising.

Such music does not come from an ordinary state of consciousness and does not take you into an ordinary state of consciousness. Because of this, it is very close to the world of dreams and, as it is usually accompanied by rhythm, the trance: when the brain is turned off, the self disappears and dissolves into the big unity.

We always experience the most magical moments of human life in such a dissolved trance state. Being born and giving birth, swing in childhood, rocking in a boat, dancing, or any moment when we are in nature, our brains turn off and completely dissolve in the sight and feeling of nature. It is the mood that Boka Tummtukote's music comes from.
Boka accompanies the improvised songs with African, South American, Brazilian and Caribbean instruments, so the atmosphere of the songs is always polyrhythmic, pulsating, colorful, and cheerful.

Boka Tummtukote has not yet released a record, but on Soundcloud and Youtube we listen to several hours of music, which he has recorded for the last 10 years, mostly in studio quality.
He has lived and played in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Spain for years. At home, he managed the Parno Graszt gypsy band for 4 years before 2010, learned a lot of gypsy music from them, sang in the postmodern Sóharózza choir, played music in the Czech puppet theater and composed music for a Pumukli-like cartoon series.
In addition to his solo line-up, he has sung together with Bobby McFerrin, he was the father-voice on the album Palya Bea - Lullabies, a joint song was released with Ági Szalóki, a member of the Peca band playing Balkan-Caribbean music.
Boka currently Boka currently lives in the Danube Bend where he keeps on singing free, composing and teaching.

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