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hungarian Handpan &
worldmusic gathering

We have to inform you sadly and with a bleeding heart:
there will be no HUG festival this year.
Energies and our lives have changed in such a way that we can not organize our beloved festival in the usual way. In addition, various technical reasons and problems appeared, therefor we made this difficult decision.We hope that next year we will be able to announce with renewed strength and great vibesthe regular program of the 2025 HUG festival.
Hugs, HUG organizing team
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Újra várunk titeket Pápateszéren
2021. augusztus 10-től 14-ig



who are we?

The HUG festival is organized for the fifth time by the enthusiastic organizing team created by MAG Instruments (the first Hungarian handpan workshop).
The HUG meeting is a wonderful get-together, the main purpose is a big hug with lovers of the handpan, nature and ourselves.
In addition to the handpan focus, the musical style of the festival is surrounded by the vibrations of world music, drum & bass, reggae, electro and trance music.

The base of the festival is in Pápateszér, from 50 minutes south of Győr. At the foot of the Bakony, along pine and oak forests there is a "small farm", where delicious handpan music plays from the afternoon on two stages - the Fire and Water stages. Every morning in front of the stages there are area for forms of exercise that refill the body and soul. Lectures and workshops take place in the Barn, the Hugging Valley and the Reflex Straw House. There is also a wooded and huge open-air area for camping.

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win a mag handpan!

Win a MAG handpant! Every OFFICIAL HUGGER can win a MAG Instrument stainless handpan! Become a SUPPORTER MEMBER to participate in our raffle! You can be a bronze, silver or gold Supporter, you have equal chances in the draw. Lovers of the instrument know exactly how much spiritual and financial value this opportunity has...

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From 2023, instead of buying a HUG Pass, you can participate in our festival as a HUG Supporter Member! Apply via google form and transfer the appropriate amount here:

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hARMony with nature

The goal of our festival is to coexist in peace with nature and to damage it as little as possible, as well as not to produce garbage!
The event is litter-free, so please do not bring single-use items, plastic or metal packaging! Or if you do, take it home as you were able to and put it in the selective garbage bin at home.
Basically, there are no trash cans or containers at the festival! Please take any minimal packaging materials, bags, caps, and boxes that may arise to the selectively sorted place designated by us. This collection point of ours is really only suitable for small quantities.
Use our compost toilets and bravely shower in the summer heat at our outdoor showers! Let's save water and energy consumption in the area together.
IMPORTANT! Please bring a mug, cutlery, plate, which you may need for eating and drinking. We provide washing facilities. The buffets will not issue disposable plates/cups, as we do not want to produce garbage.
Thank you for doing so that we can live in harmony, play music and have fun with nature during our HUG handpan festival.

Rise in hug

This year, in an unusual way, you could already start connecting with the sounds and music on the eve of the HUG Festival, because thanks to a special collaboration, the Rise in Love Festival held last September will move to Pápateszér, under the name RISE IN HUG. On July 26, 2022, from 5 p.m., we will set off with a wonderful, heart-opening cacao ceremony, celebrated for us by the Guatemalan dj-producer MOSE. In the meantime, the Medicina band will join him, who will lead you to higher dimensions with healing chants and mantras, and then we can move on to MOSE's dj set. The evening will be closed by the SavaBorsa dj duo with their electronic world music set.

Rise in HUG



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