Újra várunk titeket Pápateszéren
2021. augusztus 10-től 14-ig

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who are we?

The HUG gathering is awonderful human togetherness, the main purpose of which – as the name suggests– is a great hug, an embracing connection betweenthe lovers of handpan, nature, and ourselves. 
The new venue of the event is Pápateszér, located at the foot of the Bakony Mountains, surrounded by pine and oak forests and deer herds. In such a fabulous environment, we can recharge for five days. ...

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win a MAG handpan!

Would you like to have your own handpant? Get a HUG festival pass before August 9th midnight to take part in the raffle.
An original MAG Instruments handpan from Győr will be raffled off among those who buy a presale pass. All purchased passes participate in the game!
The exact date of the draw will be announced soon!

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Harmony with nature

The aim of our festival is to coexist in peace with nature, to damage it as little as possible and not to produce any garbage!
The event is garbage-free, so please e.g. do not bring disposable items, plastic packaging. We also have compost toilets.

Awareness at the festival

Please bring a mug, cutlery, plate, everything you need for meals and drinks.
Buffets do not provide disposable plates / cups as we do not want to produce garbage.

There are no trash cans at the festival!

Try to produce as little garbage as possible: please collect any packaging materials and bags in a proper place.

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