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The venue of the event is Pápateszér, which is located at the foot of the Bakony, 50 minutes south of Győr and less than two hours from Budapest.

Recommended route
by car
From Budapest:
The shortest (138 km): Motorway M1 until Kisigmánd (exit 85), than until Kisbér on road 13 through Nagyigmánd, Csép and Ete. From Kisbér to Bakonyszombathely than Bakonybánk, Lázi, Gic, Bakonytamási and finally Pápateszér.

A bit longer (142 km): Motorway M1 until Székesfehérvár and to Kisbér on road 81. From Kisbér to Bakonyszombathely than Bakonybánk, Lázi, Gic, Bakonytamási and finally Pápateszér.

From Győr (45 km): Go to south on road 82 and after Bakonypéterd turn right to road 832, than Gic, Bakonytamási and finally Pápateszér.

From Székesfehérvár (80 km): On road 82 to Kisbér. From Kisbér to Bakonyszombathely than Bakonybánk, Lázi, Gic, Bakonytamási and finally Pápateszér.

From Veszprém (60 km):Go to north on road 82 and after Veszprémvarsány turn left to road 832-es útra, than Gic, Bakonytamási and finally Pápateszér.

From Pápa (21 km): On road 832 to Nagygyimót, than Csót and finally Pápateszér.
Traver with others to the festival! Apply to be a travel companion, or offer a seat in your car:
HUg carpool spreadsheet
Or search for carpooling on the following website:
by Bus
From Pápa: Direct bus, half an hour.
From Győr: Direct of switch train in Bakonytamási.
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by Train
From Veszprém or from győr to Vinye, but from there you have to walk 8.5km, through Fenyőfő to Pápateszér.
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All passes and day tickets include the possibility of camping.  
Come and find yourself a place in the designated camping area, which is also close to the composting toilets and the showers.

outside of the festival area

Find your room or apartment in the town of Pápateszér or in the surrounding areas. Here are some links to private apartments and hotels.​
Please take note, that might not all the landlords speak english. If you would have any problems with your bookings because of the language, we can help you to make your reservation. in this case write us an e-mail - give in the Subject: reservation outside of HUG
Accomodation in Pápateszér and nearby

dog etiquette

If you plan to come with your four-legged friend then:
1. Please bring only a dog to the festival area who does not attack, harasses, chases either man or any animal! There are other animals on the farm and the neighboring farm, eg. cats, poultry, all of their physical and mental well-being are important to us.
2. Bring your dog's vaccination book with you with valid vaccinations (rabies and combined vaccination, worm drive). All of this is needed to avoid risk harming the health of the children and other dogs, and on the other hand, if your dog needs a veterinarian for some unexpected situation, it may not be possible to get care without your vaccination book.
3. Leash-related information: If your dog is stupid, attacks man and/or animal, we will ask you to tie it immediately, and if this is still a similar behavior, the dog must be removed from the scene.4. We ask nicely to get any equipment, epithelium, collar, leash or onewith you, which keeps the dog safely and cannot escape. If the equipment is damaged during the gathering, indicate this  to our volunteer at the info that can help.5. There should be a small handle on the puppy's neck and your cell phone number to notify you if necessary.6. If you have a health or any other problem with your puppy at any time during the festival, please let us immediately tell us to find a solution together.7. When entering, we ask you to buy a package (500 Ft/15) biologically degraded plastic -free dogs and always keep it so you can clean it after your dog. You will be able to discard the bags used in separate places, as this is the only way to decompose. We know we are on the soft lap of nature, but that's why many people go barefoot, and we trust the luck to the four -leaved clover.8. When entering the festival, we will be asked to sign a statement to sign the above You take it. Also, we will ask you to write on a list of your puppy and your name and because this can help us find missing animals.If you feel you can't do the party liberally, please don't arrive with a four-legged family member. If you undertake the rules we welcome You and your small or big favorite with open arms. :)