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HUG Festival 2023
Hungarian Handpan and Worldmusic Gathering
July 18-23 2023

The HUG festival is organized for the fifth time by the enthusiastic organizing team created by MAG Instruments (the first Hungarian handpan workshop). The handpan is a UFO-shaped percussive, meditative instrument made of sheet steel. The date of the meeting is 18-23. July, 2023. The location of the five-and-a-half-day gathering is Pápateszér, which is located at the foot of Bakony, 50 minutes south of Győr and less than two hours from Budapest.

The HUG meeting is a wonderful togetherness, the main purpose of which - as the name made up of acronyms suggests - is a big hug, a big entanglement with lovers of the handpan, nature and ourselves. In addition to the handpan focus, the musical style of the festival is surrounded by the vibrations of world music, drum & bass, reggae and trance music. Scientific presentations related to AI, artificial intelligence will continue this year, and from 2023 there will be separate children's concerts and children's programs at the HUG festival. The musical workshops are grouped around handpan, djembe and calabash.

The organizing team conjures up performers of domestic and foreign handpan and world music at the two open-air stage called Fire and Water. This year's foreign performers will include the Grammy-nominated handpan player and percussionist David Kuckhermann (GER), the handpan and didgeridoo duo, which has already expanded to four members Matsumoto Zoku Band (JPN), the handpan-guitar brother pair Irmaos Lora (BRA), the Portugal " "Got Talent" finalist Kabecao (PRT), the electro-organic composer, who has been playing drums since the age of four and has an exciting voice David Lesage (FRA), the multi-instrumentalist couple Archer & Tripp (BGR/GER) and the percussionist Conrado Molina’s formation Rhytmaniacs (ARG). Among Hungarian performers will play at HUG: Said Chalaban (HUN/MAR), who has been playing the gnawa for more than twenty years, and Zoord (HU), a snare-drum-violin-based trio.

At the Pápateszér’s festival it is important for the organizers to use as many ecological solutions as possible in the design of the venues and public spaces. The event is litter-free. This is supported by the organizers' request that everyone bring their own plates, mugs and cutlery, as well as as few plastic bags and single-use packaged things as possible.
This year's motto: Supportive Membership, so, be an "Official HUGGER" too!
The organizers want to further strengthen the friendly and family atmosphere of the festival not only during the festival, but throughout the year, which is why they launched the Official Hugger Supporter Membership. Thus, from 2023, instead of buying a HUG pass, you can participate in the five-and-a-half-day HUG festival as a Supporter Member. Apply via google form and transfer the appropriate amount, link: Supporter membership (hugfestival.com)

This year we will continue the traditional handpan raffle, - now among the Supportive Members - the main prize will usually be a wonderful MAG Instruments handpan!
We sell daily tickets here on tixa.hu. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday tickets cost 35 EUR, and Friday and Saturday tickets cost 45 EUR per day. Discounted daily tickets are available for young people aged 14-18 and the age group over 65, tickets for them cost 22 EUR on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and HUF 34 EUR on Friday and Saturday. Daily tickets are valid from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 the next day. The day tickets and the Supportive Membership also include the possibility of camping. Under the age of 14 visiting the festival is free.
The organizers reserve the right to change the program.

Website of the event, social media links:
HUG 2022  Festival Movie

The main volunteer groups for the 2023 HUG meeting will be:

Admission, info desk, cleanroom, security and kitchen groups.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at volunteers.hugfestival@gmail.com.

What we offer:
twice a day meal (cold buffet breakfast and a hot meal), drinks, volunteer t-shirt, voluntter tricot, tent site and festival pass.

Join us and help our volunteer organizing team with your active participation!

Press contact:

If you have any question, write to the email address press.hugfestival@gmail.com
You can download free press materials and photos about the festival here:
Press materials

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Előadások, workshopok: education.hugfestival@gmail.com
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