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Supporter membership

After the many good feelings of the HUG festival in recent years, we would like to further strengthen and carry on the friendly, intimate and family atmosphere of the handpan-loving HUG festival. For us, this family feeling, commitment to the same values, belonging together is important not only during the festival, but throughout the year. In connection with this, as last year we keep on with the same formula in 2024 - we will ensure that the members of the Hungarian Handpan Association (the official organizer of HUG) can participate in the HUG festival for FREE between July 18-21, 2024., Pápateszér.
So, for the sake of clarity: we do not plan to sell season tickets either this year, participation for the whole event and the associated discounts will only be available to patron members. To maintain this nice, unique family ambient, what HUG has from the beginning, the maximum amount of supporter members in 2024 is 500 persons. Before starting to sell the daily tickets - first we announce only the supporter membership.

In addition to the free entry to the HUG festival, the Hungarian Handpan Association’s patron member, that is to say:  the "official Silver Hugger ", (100 Euros) also receives the following discounts:
- 5% discount on MAG Instruments’ products https://maginstruments.hu
- 10% discount from Puretone handpan school’s workshops https://puretonemusic.hu/
- 10% discount on all HUG festival’s merchandise (t-shirt, singlet, bag... etc.)
discounted or free participation in other events, concerts, lectures and workshops of the Hungarian Handpan Association/HUG farm
- first-round information  newsletter about the Association's activities and expected programs, so, the patron members are informed about everything first
the "official Golden Hugger", (125 Euros) beside the ones above also receives HUG T-shirt

And as usual for years: with the whole week's pass, you can also win a MAG Instruments’ instrument, which alone makes it worth to be a patron member.

Membership and discounts apply for a period of one year, and are therefore valid between  March 01, 2024 and March 01, 2025, regardless of the date of purchase.

1. Applying:Please fill out the following google form:

Application Form

3. Confirming
the patron membership
After these steps we send you a confirmation mail about your HUGGER patron membership, please save that e-mail... That will be your festival free entrance.

If you meet us the first time, hopefully you'll experience that soon as well, if you already know us, hopefully you feel the same vibes with us, and you help us to build, and also maintain a real, living, active and loving community and family, where the importance of handpan music, human relations and natural values is always primary. You know us, you know our festival, our music, our instruments, we constantly try to be authentic and on a human scale, and we will organize the patron membership in this spirit. We would be happy if we could count on you as an official HUGGER in 2024 as well :)

🛸 🛸 🛸Hungarian Handpan Association 🛸 🛸 🛸
The fundamental goal of the Hungarian Handpan Association, as an autonomous, civic organization, is to popularize and support music played with the handpan instrument.
The Association sees its task as the introduction and active dissemination of Hungarian and international handpan music.
We are convinced that the special vibrations of the handpan - as a magical instrument - have a positive effect on physical, mental and spiritual health.
- the introduction and distribution in Hungary of the handpan artists who work and work in Hungary and abroad, as well as the styles and trends they represent  
- ensuring, supporting and building the unity of the Hungarian community formed and growing around the handpan instrument
- promoting the professional development of handpan artists,
- searching for the possibility of cooperation with domestic and international handpan organizations,
- organization and conduct of handpan and light music and other cultural and entertainment programs and related events
- helping the members and supporters of the Association to acquire the tools necessary to carry out cultural and musical activities, searching for tender opportunities

More information can be found on the website of the Hungarian Handpan Association:…….