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Supporter membership

From 2023 instead of buying HUG pass You can participate in our festival as a HUG Supporter Member.

Apply and buy here:
First 100 pieces are EARLY BIRD!
Bronze Supporter - early bird price: 125 EUR * 19 pieces left!

BronzE official HUGGER

Silver Supporter - early bird price: 140 EUR * 84 pieces left!


Golden Supporter - early bird price: 205 EUR * 88 pieces left!


Regular price of Supporter Membership:
(after the early bird memberships are sold out)
Bronze Supporter - 138 EUR
Silver Supporter - 157 EUR
Golden Supporter - 222 EUR



We sell daily tickets on tixa.hu.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday tickets cost 35 EUR,
and Friday and Saturday tickets cost 45 EUR per day.
Discounted daily tickets are available for young people aged 14-18
and the age group over 65,
tickets for them cost 22 EUR on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
and HUF 34 EUR on Friday and Saturday.
Daily tickets are valid from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 the next day.
The day tickets and the Supportive Membership also
include the possibility of camping.
Under the age of 14 visiting the festival is free.

🛸 🛸 🛸Hungarian Handpan Association 🛸 🛸 🛸
The fundamental goal of the Hungarian Handpan Association, as an autonomous, civic organization, is to popularize and support music played with the handpan instrument.
The Association sees its task as the introduction and active dissemination of Hungarian and international handpan music.
We are convinced that the special vibrations of the handpan - as a magical instrument - have a positive effect on physical, mental and spiritual health.
- the introduction and distribution in Hungary of the handpan artists who work and work in Hungary and abroad, as well as the styles and trends they represent  
- ensuring, supporting and building the unity of the Hungarian community formed and growing around the handpan instrument
- promoting the professional development of handpan artists,
- searching for the possibility of cooperation with domestic and international handpan organizations,
- organization and conduct of handpan and light music and other cultural and entertainment programs and related events
- helping the members and supporters of the Association to acquire the tools necessary to carry out cultural and musical activities, searching for tender opportunities

More information can be found on the website of the Hungarian Handpan Association:…….