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Zoord (HUN)

Wednesday | 19 July | 22:45
Fire stage

Zoord's music is immersed in Moldovan melodies sounds with elemental power. It's not dancehall music, it's a deeper, visceral experience, which is released by the soaring voice of the violin and the singer. Since its formation in 2014, the snare-drum-violin trio has performed in Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Japan, the coldest part of the world: Yakutland, and in 2017 they also played on the Main Stage of the Sziget Festival’s World Music.

The band's driving force is one of the world's best-known drum players, Áron Szilágyi. He is the secretary general of the International Doromb Association based in Switzerland, and head of the board of the country's only musical instrument museum, the Leskowsky Musical Instrument Collection in Kecskemét.


Zoord YouTube playlist

Facebook: doromb

Instagram: doromb_com