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Friday, 29th July 2022

Water Stage

GaiaTree is a band formed in the PRESENT, in the infinite space of the heart, initiated by Zsolti Varga (Kirtan band, Eksomos, Pachamama band, Downtown satori, Kündü), although, as he puts it, its current form has been forged by the Universe. There is little “human” effort, rather than a combination of things, synchronicity, “coincidences,” flow, or whatever the directing principle that created the current form of the band GaiaTree. The music blends the world of different traditions, with heart-caressing healing songs from the Amazonian tribal traditions, compositions based on a meditative handpan sound, a sound atmosphere that creates a special atmosphere for the sitar, a virtuoso clarinet playing, but there will be dynamic Indian kirtans that will make you dance. We can sing together with the band - and finally with the “mantra-rap” songs that are more and more characteristic of the style of Zsolti. All of this is accompanied by two wonderful female voices and makes it more illuminating.


Zsolti Varga - vocals, guitar, handpans, drums

Éva Bianka Takács - drums, vocals

Robi Franczel - bass guitar

Paula Chelemen - clarinet

Veress Zsolt - sitar

Tóth-Kern Enikő - vocals

Fanni Hajducsi - vocals

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