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menstrual cycle awareness

Leila Ridout

Saturday, 30th July 2022

Hugging valley

My name is Leila, and I’m preparing for you a workshop about menstrual cycle awareness. We will have the opportunity to deepen our knowledge about: 

  • how we can find balance with our moon cycle and its different phases 
  • how the female organs and fertility work 
  • how the fertility awareness method (or natural family planning) work, which can open the door to a whole new world of sexual awareness  

When 2 years ago I started to learn more about this topic, I was shocked, that this knowledge is not available for everyone. Since then, I am holding workshops for women, where we exchange our knowledges, we talk and I share with them the basics of the fertility awareness method. Many women are surprised, that a contraception method exists, that works with the natural harmony of the female body and hormones, rather then changing it or going against it. 

When I opened the door to this feminine wisdom, it brought many qualitative changes into my life. My goal is to give you the key to this door as well, so that you can open it, if you want to.

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