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The natural way of raising children

Telma Lincoln

Friday, 29th July 2022

Hugging valley

Telma Lincoln: Naturally with children

My name is Telma Lincoln, I’m a mother of 3 children and a musician. Besides that, I’m a second-year psychology student, and the singer of the G Ras & The Planeteerz, a Roots 4Ward and the Anima Sounds System. Ever since I became a mother, I’m interested in bringing up my children outside the traditional system, non-conforming with the social expectations, giving them real values. My goal is to collect as many experiences as possible about the way we can educate children together as a community.

Topics that I want to include in my talk - which I rather imagine as a conversation with the community:

  • Community education - Back to our roots, how our ancestors thought about family 
  • Giving birth outside an institution - What are the opportunities? What are your rights? What is obstetrical violence? 
  • Breastfeeding - What is ISZSZ? How not to stress about the quantity of your breastmilk? 
  • Vegan values - What does it mean to be vegan? Why is plant based diet healthy from early childhood? 
  • Musician family - Traveling and being on a tour with children. How do we survive festivals?

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