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Yin-Yang Yoga - the Balance

Saturday, 30th July 2022

Fire stage

Yin does not exist without Yang, just as Yang does not exist without Yin. Not only in our environment, but not in us. With the long endurance of Yin-type yoga we act directly on inelastic yin tissues such as joints, ligaments, bones, with Yang-type yoga we work on elastic yang tissues, especially muscles and blood flow.
Yin and Yang complement each other perfectly in all areas of life. During the Yin-Yang yoga classes, during the balanced and accessible exercises for everyone, warm-up, dynamic, smooth movements alternate with calm, deep, rejuvenating postures. The two approaches help to balance the energies of the sun and moon, male and female, yang and yin during asanas, .

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic yogatype. Like all yoga practices, Vinyasa Flow strives to create harmony in the triple unity of body, mind, and soul. We coordinate the movement of the body with the breathing and at the same time direct the mind to the same, so to the exercise itself, to the body and to the breathing.

What is yoga for me?

Yoga is a lifestyle that helps a lot in everyday life, both mentally and physically.
In my own experience, once you realize the beneficial effects of yoga, it will accompany you throughout your life.
For me, yoga is a conscious lifestyle that helps me get to know myself, teaches me to be in the present, dissolves energy blocks, and has a very healing effect.
In my practice, I place an important emphasis on breathing and meditation.
In my lessons, I try to guide practitioners how to harmonize their bodies with breathing and movement, so that they do not do the asana exercise with force, but the breath controls the movement.
Yoga has been a part of my life since 2008, and a few years later I started to pass on my knowledge to others.
I spent half a year in India where I was able to connect even more deeply with the spirituality of yoga and Vipassana meditation and it made a big difference in my life.
Since then, I have been training myself and practicing and meditating every day and I would like to share this experience with other practitioners.

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