Amin Várkonyi & Conrado Molina

handpan music

Friday, 13 august 2021
Earth stage

Christian Amin grew up with music and learned to play the Art of Afro-Cuban music from early age by his father André Várkonyi who was a Master Percussionist. He now plays a wide range of Instruments,composes original music and sings inspired by large travels into rich culturesfrom all over the planet. 

Amín blends together a very groovy and melodicstyle of playing Handpan with his Voice, overtone Singing and self writtensongs which remind to simple folk melodies.
Aminfounded the Association Music for the Sun. Their members use Music as a toolfor communication, first to our selves, getting in touch with our innerlandscapes and feelings and then we explore a deep Musical expression offeelings and awareness of time and space in a respectful contact with eachother. Both, as a listener in his concerts or attendee of his workshop thoseethic principles are felt indeed deeply.

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