Hand in hand with my soul

Timi, Soul-whisperer

Wednesday, 11 August 2021, 13:00-15:00

Timi, Soul Whisperer - where the tales of the Spirit are born

From the moment I was born, I see, I hear, I sense the world that many people know exists and where everyone wants to connect, to reconnect.
That's how I was born, that's how I stayed! - I used to say.

It has been my mission, my vocation, for many years to help people find back to their Souls, Find their Homes, whith any physical and mental problem they came to me. Everyone is there, everyone lives there, you just have to find the Way to Yourself!

I can help you with that! To find your own Individual Way!

My motto, which is always current:

Never Forget, The Light Is Yourself!

Hand in hand with My Soul is an Interactive performance in which you can connect with your Soul once and for all!
You can feel it, you can experience it, you can even hold it in your hand how it feels like when your Soul is connected to You!

It is important for the performance that you come in a clear state of consciousness, because the energy is strong

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