Heal yourself!

Barbara Papp

Thursday, 12 august 2021

Heal Yourself!
Folk medicine in an understandable, livable way.
If you are interested in the relationship between body, soul and spirit, you want to orientate skilfully with the signs of your body in the world of your soul, you are attracted to traditions, old knowledge and you want to learn a couple of practices and take a look at the world of folk medicine (lubrication, tendoning, ossification, herbal medicine) brought from Transylvania, I look forward to seeing you!
We will talk about Internal Order and the conditions for keeping it. Connections, in the simplest way possible. I tell the true story of the 'cifra palace' and in whose garden the tree of knowledge grows on which golden apples hang. After all this, you will get some good advice for home and you can learn to put your own and others ’spines in place. You are welcome if you are small or giant, if you are mature or young, if you are a boy and if you are a girl, the door of my heart is open to you!

Papp Barbara
Folk healer, yoga teacher, family constellation therapist

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