The invisible walls

workshop on crossing borders

Wednesday, 11 august 2021
Have you ever considered that we are surrounded by borders? Man is enveloped in his physical, mental, mental boundaries. Borders find us between countries, along roads and sidewalks, as personal space or as a moral taboo, in booklets and shadows ...
Boundaries can be conscious or subconscious, voluntary or created, but the biggest challenge is to see the world outside of them, not just through them.
It is touching for me to observe that the boundaries - external and internal - are actually invisible. These invisible lines network our Earth and form different patterns - they can take the form of a fence, but they can also hide deep in our minds as an attachment.
We live in a world where diverse cultures seem to separate us, where we are afraid of difference, where we are isolated in our bubbles, in our homes, in a circle from which we do not break, we cannot break out. We see injustices happening every day, but that doesn’t affect us because it’s not about us.
In this workshop I bring the topic of borders in different ways.
- In the form of an exhibition of pictures and texts we can get acquainted with some stories.
- Then with the help of a role play we try to get into a different point of view.
- In the end I invite you to a common idea and discussion we also talk about how we become from observer an active doer.
I'm Borbála Takács. A student in DNA, in an alternative teacher training college in Denmark. For the second year in a row, I have been studying different aspects of our world, from politics to environmental issues, but the backbone of every subject is pedagogical principles. One of these is 'learning by doing', where we can get closer to understanding a given topic through different processes. This summer, I have the opportunity within our program to select what is really important to me and the world.

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