Walk with Filippa on the slackline


Every day
Magic forest

somewhere between two trees next to the “Magic Forest”


For me - Filippa Varga - walking on a slackline rope is an art. It is an art where the work of your body and soul is manifested, the pure power ofbeing in the present.


When I am doing slackline nothing else exists, there is no place or time and not even me! All that matters is that I form a unit with the slackline and when I have that balance: well, I get into an indescribable euphoria! Into a kind of flow! I feel the slackline gives me more self-confidence, teaches endurance and lots of patience. And it does it every single time!


I invite participants who want to try it, to come and have a great time: laugh when they fall and give themselves a positive experience of balancing!

We will learn barefoot for better perception! I bring three types of beginner slacklines, soeveryone can try alternately! We will take turns on the rope and the braverones can also try the so-called tandem line when they walk on it with me! Slackline itself requires nothing more than a comfortable dress and yourself! I look forward to seeing everyone! Let’s get wiggly!

At these times, I will definitely be there somewhere between two trees next to the“Magic Forest”:

Wednesday16:00- 19:00

Thursday 9:00-11:00

Friday from9:00 - 11: 00

Saturday 16:00to 19:00

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