Ildikó Karacs

Wednesday, 11 august 2021.
Secret Garden

Lover of intuitive singing, free sound. Her intuitive flowing singing voice mediates between people and supporting, celestial energies. With her mantras, free sound, shaman drum, Nepalese sound bowls, intuitive instruments - shruti box, rain stick, tingsha - she leads ceremonies, meditations, sound baths.

Ildikó is at the service of people, being a complex art therapist, a qualified social worker with collage degrees, using the Arkane Arts method and her singing talent. In countless meditative concerts and ceremonies in Cambodia, Nepal, Jordan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt in the Pyramid of Cheops as well as at Festivals (Ozora, Samsara, Vegetarian Festival), Yoga Centers or Homeless Feast and year after year.
She is currently working on her record with ambient, chill-sounding mantras, free-sounding, as well as meditative concerts, sound baths, live, offline and online broadcasts, retreats.

In addition to her Soundtreatment on Wednesday and Sound bath on Thursday, Ildikó Karcsai will also welcome everyone in her service tent, where she will hold sound baths and present some of the songs of the chill-ambient mantra that is being prepared, fitting into the melodies of the environment. She also has a felt session and you can buy crystal bracelets from her.

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