Drumming and instument caress


Saturday, 14 August 2021

In addition to drumming, we also make handpan and instrument caress. We carry plenty of instruments that you can try and buy on our site.

Dance and music, but especially drumming, have been one of the most important tools and mediums for living and strengthening togetherness since the prehistory of mankind. It is a real community experience, the power of which also captivates those who does not fell at home in the world of sounds.

Hearing the pulsating rhythm of the drums, the hand moves involuntarily, and one suddenly realizes that all the worries are gone, an hour has passed and he has "learned" to play the drumming with a smile.

We here in Europe have long since abandoned our own drumming traditions, but perhaps that is why we are so refreshingly influenced by African and Latin rhythms.

Each participant is given a drum (djembe, derbuka, cajon) and under the guidance of a trainer they learn some complex rhythms in 1-1.5 hours. Of course, this should not be imagined as a school music lesson! In these sessions, the team experiences the joy of playing music together through rhythm games and improvisation.

Of course, the goal is not to develop musical skills (it’s just a “side effect”), the point is that the joy of music captivates the participants. Everyone can get involved in the games, even at different levels, and from simple elements to the end, an impressive, complex performance emerges.

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