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Awakening Breathwork Ceremony

Gabriella Körmendi Szabó

Friday, 13 august 2021
Air stage
The Divya Breath presents:
Experiencing our creative power, realizing our thrue nature and what we are really capable of, with a guided meditation technique based on special breathing work based on thousands of years of ancient pranayama technology combined with modern technologe and music specially made for this purpose, which stimulates the brainwaves. All this together guarantee a very pleasant yet deep meditation experience, during which we dive into the layers of our subconscious, which with other techniques can only be reached through long, persistent practice. All this in a completely safe and controlled way, relying only on our own breathing.
Previous experience in meditation or other techniques is absolutely not required. In fact! The success will be also guaranteed for those who meet the concept of meditation for the first time and the experience will be unique.
I recommend it to all those who breathe regularly ... :)
Gabriella Szabó Szabó - founder of Divya Breath
Gabi lives in Mexico, one of the spiritual centers of the world on the Maya Riviera, Playa del Carmen, from where she brought us this technique to deepen our meditation experiences, we can heal ourselves on a physical-spiritual level and can come into contact with transcendence. A psychedelic experience, without a psychedelic, merely using our breathing. The one-hour meditation builds on intense breathing work, the result is guaranteed! No need for a routine. It works for everyone. Do not eat for an hour before meditation, if you have a yoga mat or a towel with you, anything you can lie on comfortably for approx. 45 minutes. There is no need for anything else!
In the video below you can see a short summary of the ceremony in Portal Xibalba, a sacred temple in the Mexican jungle, closed by the participants' spontaneous joyful music.
Possible positive physical effects of Divya Breath breathing meditation:

· Brings the heart and brain into a coherent state so the body becomes capable of optimal energy use and thus optimal functioning

· Stimulates creativity and memory

· Balances emotions

· Relieves anxiety and depression

· Strengthens the immune system

· Vitalizes, energizes

· Reduces stress

· Has a beneficial effect on sleep

· Promotes sleep weight loss

· Positively affects the quality of life in the long run

· Initiates the body's self-healing processes

Effects on a spiritual level:

- Achieving an exceptionally deep meditative state, all the way to Theta or even Gamma brain waves

- Bringing consciousness to the present, experiencing the “Present-Being” state

- Excellent opportunity to take the “next” step in spiritual development

- Existence beyond the comfort zone

- Experiencing the experience of unity

- Opening ourselves to the higher dimensions. Gaining your own experience, channeling

- experiencing the flow of “DIVINE” or “CREATOR” energy

- Achieving a quantum state

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