Monkey parade

Acro yoga

Saturday, 14 august 2021
Air stage

Acrobalance is a static trend of pair acrobatics based on common balance. Workshop participants can learn about common balance and methods of playing with body weight.

In the first half of the workshop, they can learn various simple two-person lying and standing acro-positions and learn how to use weight correctly, find a common center of gravity, and spotting from the outside.
After that, the main role is for the group exercises, to build multi-player human towers and to implement complex figure combinations.
In games based on balance and acrobatics, they can find not only the artist living in them, but they can develop their concentration skills, body awareness, balance and coordination skills in a playful way.
A significant part of the exercises will happen in pairs, so the topic of trust and responsibility is also discussed. And the focused attention that develops during practice helps to create a state of meditation consciousness.
Our goal is not to train professional artists, but to help our participants get to know their bodies and minds better by breaking out of the world of touch screens while having a pleasant time.

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