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Friday, 13 august 2021
Earth stage

World music from another Universe

World and ethnic elements flavour the eclectic blend of music rangingfrom jazz-rock to downtempo electronica. Across the Universe of improvisedmusicality with no compromise, Ethnofil invites you to a journey flowingacross atmospheres and moods of the greatest versatility. From more than 650 bands, Ethnofil has been awarded the ‘grand prize’ of Talentometer, acompetition of the internationally recognized A38 concert venue of Budapest.

Since then, the group has become an integral part of the Budapestunderground music scene, but has been actively touring Europe. Playingcities in France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Romania andSlovenia. Whether it is a tribal festival (e.g. O.Z.O.R.A, SUN) or a small clubvenue, Ethnofil takes the audience to an out-of-this-world musicalexperience. The 7-piece band is often complemented by live visuals.

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