Samsara Boulevard

mantra band

Saturday, 14 august 2021
Earth stage

Samsara Boulevard’s music is an encounter of four expert musicians from Budapest, Hungary who – while living in a vibrant city – are seeking the Divine via music, voices, and the tradition of mantra chanting, accompanied by 40 different musical instruments.

Along their path, they are not afraid to express their feelings, share their mistakes and interact with humour. They embrace and express the most sentimental moments of a seeker through the deepest meditation or the wildest trance.

Samsara Boulevard provides many ancient singing technices and mantras from different cultures of the world, that can be heard rearly.

The members are playing on nearly 40 different instruments, from which many of them gained their expereience while they were travelling around the world. Beside their classical and jazz qualifications they have a 20 years experience on how the sound and gong therapie and the different sounds and rhythms of folk music affect the soul on a beneficial way.

Merging the power of their voices and their instruments their audience gains an experience of an intense and deep healing phenomena in their own awareness.

At their traditional concerts they usually start with meditation and head towards ecstasy.

During their ecstatic concerts they create a soul-lifting, cheerful atmosphere, invoking the timeless, sacred power of mantras.

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